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Dont forget to update inquisitive from the control panel. Often the purchased file is not updated immediatley.

Inquisitive is a quiz and survey tool Demonstration Available

Valuable for teachers wanting to provide a quiz to students to help them learn from their own mistakes.This way students learn and teachers save time not having to even more corrections! Inquisitive will do that for them.

Businesses can request customers to login and complete a survey to gain feedback from customers.

  • Manage from the front end of your website
  • Reporting see what each user has responded, compare against the averages
  • Create unlimited quizzes or surveys
  • Grant groups permission to create quiz or surveys
  • Quiz mode users get instant feedback regarding their knowledge of quiz subject matter.
  • 3 simple question types, single selection radio buttons, multiple selection check boxes and text boxes with keywords to score against
  • The quiz is dynamic and you can add or remove options while you create.
  • Steps 1 install, 2 set permissions and 3 add menu links!

Do you need support?

Would you like to request a feature?


Any other feedback is always welcome using the form below!

Please donate to support the inquisitive project!


  1. Hello, I see your site is responsive but the quiz questions are not? Is this true? I’m interested in this module as long as it’s responsive.

    Thank you

    • Send me a design of it responsive and I will consider coding it like that

  2. Hi support team,
    i am installed inquistive. i am created the login user and allowed the access for that user in joomla users area.
    My problem is after login questions are not coming instead it shows the edit profile option alone. I want like this. after login i need the questions part then log out. how i can make this.. Looking for your response soon

    • That’s a joomla issue

  3. thanks

  4. Hello…i have a question to ask. Anyway i have to create a quizzes which admin notify when user done doing the test. Can you suggest me what is the possible extensions should i use it. ASAP. :)

    • The quiz creator is notified when a user submits

  5. Hello,
    I really like this Extensions , it is amazing but if u create Anywhere plugin it will be perfect so that we can put the exam in the articles. such as like { Inquisitive id = 41554487855} .
    thanks .

  6. I want to create surveys and quiz.

  7. good work

  8. I keep on searching google for free quiz maker extensions for joomla but no luck. Then, I found your site. I’m going to use this extension to test and for the students e-learning.

  9. im using this extension for my school project
    i was able to install it without problem and make menu tabs for both the create and list links
    but when i click the list menu, theres a notice error showing and after i finish answering the quiz, it doesnt show the result

    • Did you set permissions?

  10. need a quiz component

  11. hi

    • Hello :)

  12. hola

    • Hello

  13. am getting the following and dont know where to start. please help
    The options button allows you and your users to have the appropriate permissions while using Inquisitive. Permission MUST BE granted to the creator and user appropriatley(Button is located above top left), Otherwise you will not be able to access Inquisitive. Click the help button above, this links to the support & documentation page.
    Feature Request:
    Feel free to send feature requests to the help link. Features added to inquisitive benefit everyone.
    Inquisitive is constantly being updated, this then gets sent to your site automatically.

    • This is covered on the support ‘how do I..’ Page

  14. Does this component store information of those who has taken the quiz?

    For example, user123 took the quiz, the results and answers are stored in a table somewhere in sql?

  15. Hi,

    I have a database of 200 questions which will randomly generate 30 questions for the user. Is it possible?
    And bottom at ‘Quiz list user has read access’ in Support image don’t work /broken image. I don’t know how to set permission in administration to activate quiz

    • Click the options button to get permissions menu up.

      Trying to raise $300 to continue working on inquisitive

  16. Very confusing website, how many times do I have to click “download” for it to take me to page to actually “download”? Too many circles to get to that point. Please make your site simpler to use. Product has great potential.

    • Glad you like the product, you must register so I know who has what version. Should be one click after register?

  17. I need to know if you have a version for my Joomla 1.5.27 site?
    Thank you.

    • No sir.

  18. Testes de funcionalidade, caso seja viável poderei instalar em um site que está em construção.

  19. hy
    I’ve istalled insquisitive module but when I Click the Button inquisitive in the your section: nothing happens

    • Nothing happens in the back end except setup. Have you followed the installation steps?

      Config is handled on the front end.

  20. good component

  21. Hi,
    My wife is a math instructor and I was wondering if your system can be connected to mathjax so that she can create complex formulas?

    • It’s just a text box

  22. Can you create a customised survey tool to include different types of questions?

    • By default there are three types, you can see this by “create quiz” on the demo page

  23. Hi,

    I am developing a site and was hoping to use your component. Just wondering if there was an import/export function to allow for building of quiz in a test environment then easy deployment to live site?



    • Yeah sure, just use phpmyadmin. By exporting/importing sql straight from the DB! All you need to know is which tables. These are labeled _quiz_ eg:

      where #_ is the prefix to your db.

      • Fantastic, thanks! Will be putting through purchase soon :)

        • Good to see another aussie getting stuck into it

    • Another quick question – is there a way to generate a quiz of say 10 questions from a larger pool of say 100 questions? So that each student can potentially receive a different quiz (prevents collusion)?

      • Sorry no such feature exists.

  24. Installed software last week on site. Have created a Co-op Choice quiz. See bottom RH on site front page. if you click on Co-op Choice it6 takes you to the quiz but the questions are not visible.

    • Hi David,

      Yes i can see that you have linked a menu item to the ‘inquisitive list’, however you will need to make an external menu link to the survey.

      Copy the link from the survey name(in the quiz list) and paste into the external link box within joomla menu.

  25. We have 39 Likert-scale questions, i.e., each with 5 answers as follows:

    Agree|Somewhat Agree|Neutral|Somewhat Disagree|Disagree

    Must show 5 possible answers for each question. (e.g., radio buttons)

    Need to score them as 4|3|2|1|0

    Can we accomplish this?


    Must enable user to re-take survey monthly.

    Must tally score each month and display a trend chart showing progress over time, ongoing.

    Can we accomplish this?

    • No

  26. Good afternoon,

    Can I submit a photo (see my website) with a question? I want to create a picture quiz and use this on my site.

    Regards, Maarten

    • Pending funding

  27. Hello,

    Could you send me a trial version to implement in our system to test, whether it will work with our toxid curl system (we have joomla as content management system for an oxid esales system and another survey module i tested, could not handle this..


    • G’day Oliver,

      What was the problem with the other survey? Error codes?

      There is no trial version, at $28 you get to use the component while i get to continue working. win – win?
      The next version 2.0.3 due today or tomorrow has reporting to show what kind of impact your quiz/survey has had.
      This will be updated through joomla as normal for existing 2.x.x users.


  28. Hello,

    I’m looking for a Joomla module / component to build a quest.
    Important is that I can put questions in it with only one possible answer. Do you have such a solution?

  29. Dear,

    I am looking for a survey component for Joomla! that will allow me to show to the users which users answered which questions (so not just stats, actual usernames, preferably with possibility to link to their communitybuilder profile)?

    I am not sure if this feature is included in Inquisitive, could you please let me know?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    • Hello Wouter,
      The completed survey will be sent to the survey creator, it includes basic user details like email and name. I could expand on this if you need. Is this what you want?

  30. I decided to buy and try this one. So far I got a little bit confusing, since after installing it I got no admin or anyway to go, nor documentation. I am still working around with this module, but I don´t know where to start from to make a simple 6 question quiz. In fact, that´s all I need so far.

  31. Dear Support,

    I would like to use this software to teach students of different classes,
    some are primary level, some are secondary level, so just want
    to know whether this software can show primary-level quiz only for primary
    students and the primary-level students cannot see secondary-level quiz etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


    • Hello Eric,

      You can.

      What needs to be done is that the quiz list menu item will be set to administrator privileges so that neither primary or secondary can see this.
      Then you need to copy each link to the quiz to a ‘custom html’ module position that is only visible for the desired class.

      I like this feature and will add it to inquisitive. Currently There are no group permissions for quizzes as yet, although this can be done easily.
      The only problem with that is i am currently creating a new version for joomla 3 and this is taking some time.


  32. Hi,

    Can I get a screenshot of the backend? Does it show question statistics?

    Kind regards,


    • Wait,.. Do you mean like graphs?

  33. I would like to now if can I use this component to create surveys, and I want to receive an email notification with the personal data (name, email, phone, etc) only with person who answern the correct qutiins in surveys, with this component that is possible?

    • That sounds pretty specific, i get it, i like it. but no

      • Jesus, if you didnt find an alternative i can now concentrate on this if you like?

  34. the tool does only save the first answer and I have an error : ( ! ) Notice: Undefined property: InquisitiveViewTake::$action in C:\wamp\www\components\com_inquisitive\views\take\tmpl\default.php on line 42 Call Stack #TimeMemoryFunctionLocation 10.0007384248{main}( )..\index.php:0 20.199910060624JSite->dispatch( )..\index.php:42 30.202810063256JComponentHelper::renderComponent( )..\application.php:197 40.205610069496JComponentHelper::executeComponent( )..\helper.php:351 50.206310118904require_once( ‘C:\wamp\www\components\com_inquisitive\inquisitive.php’ )..\helper.php:383 60.223210481424JController->execute( )..\inquisitive.php:29 70.223210481472InquisitiveControllerTake->sitQuiz( )..\controller.php:761 80.246010673200JController->display( )..\take.php:50 90.274110838256InquisitiveViewTake->display( )..\controller.php:722 100.278410843912JView->display( )..\view.html.php:60 110.278410843912JView->loadTemplate( )..\view.php:205 120.296410920472include( ‘C:\wamp\www\components\com_inquisitive\views\take\tmpl\default.php’ )..\view.php:649 ” onsubmit=”return validate_form(this)”>

    Can you help?

    • jQuery is used to assist storing data. I am unable to reproduce the error on a fresh install.

      I have emailed you.

  35. xxx

  36. nice

  37. Hello,

    Thanks for creating this extension, and thank you for making it non-commercial.

    I have 2 irregularities to report.

    When creating questions the “next question” button seems to have a hover problem which causes is to move back and forth between its intended position and beside the submit button.

    Another issue I have encountered is after creating a quiz, the questions and possible answers are not visible, nor even in the HTML for that matter.

    I am using Joomla 2.5.9, and PHP 5.2.17, and have tested on IE9 and FF19


    • Hello Django, Thanks for feedback its much welcomed.

      1. The “next question” buttons are moving because of a border on hover, this is a template issue and will be resolved in the next release. This will be pushed to your joomla control panel for auto update.

      2. This is because you have either not published the quiz from the “quiz list” as a quiz creator, or have not set the persmissions in the ACL. See install steps to further trouble shoot. Hope this helps, let me know ok?


  38. Very interesting extension, with much potential.

  39. Quero testar a extensão para pesquisas.

    • Does the demo not help you check for polls?

  40. I just installad inquisitive. When I click in components-inquisitive I only see a box asking me “Append link with anchor. eg #body:”. Normally, we can see the component options.
    Thanks in advance

  41. It is a very good component for joomla. But I am sorry to say that there is no option to see the result or correct answers. That’s why it is useless.

    • Thanks for the feedback,
      yes you are right if using a survey that you want to show your answers to the users.

      What if you wanted to create a quiz to a class of people and to prevent cheating the answers needed to be muted.

      Well on the features request list i will be pushing to have a quiz/survey mode so that you can define whether to show answer or not at the end of the quiz.

      Stay tuned for next version.

      • Hi,
        It is actually very nice things. Would you please make a component that after submitting the answers he will be able to view the the wrong answers as well as correct answers so that he can learn something from this.

        • ok this is the next feature to be implemented.

        • Have updated the component to include survey or quiz mode, check release 1.3.2 or above

  42. good

  43. estadistica

  44. Very Nice!

  45. Thanks…..non-commercial is a great help !

  46. I’m sorry very good

  47. very good

  48. araştırma anketi

  49. Just want to try Inquisitive

    • Ioannis, sure so goto the demonstration site -> click create quiz and publish it when your done.

  50. I really appreciate your hard work, as well as too many people must do.
    By developing this tool you help us a lot .
    Thanks and we wish you the best on all your projects.

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