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Inquisitive is a quiz and survey tool

Valuable for teachers wanting to provide a quiz to students to help them learn from their own mistakes.This way students learn and teachers save time not having to even more corrections! Inquisitive will do that for them.

Businesses can request customers to login and complete a survey to gain feedback from customers.

  • Manage from the front end of your website
  • Reporting see what each user has responded, compare against the averages
  • Create unlimited quizzes or surveys
  • Grant groups permission to create quiz or surveys
  • Quiz mode users get instant feedback regarding their knowledge of quiz subject matter.
  • 3 simple question types, single selection radio buttons, multiple selection check boxes and text boxes with keywords to score against
  • The quiz is dynamic and you can add or remove options while you create.
  • Steps 1 install, 2 set permissions and 3 add menu links!

Do you need support?

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Any other feedback is always welcome using the form below!

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  1. Hello!
    I am looking to replicate the “create a lesson” feature on which allows users to find a video on youtube and create a lesson around it. Creating a lesson gives the creator the ability to add up to 15 questions (quiz style, multiple choice or long answer).
    I thought of using K2 to create the “lesson”, but k2 does not offer anything out of the box that would resemble the questions feature, so I was wondering how hard do you think it would be to integrate your component into K2 ?


    • Hi Sebastian,

      There is actually a dormant feature within inquisitive where you can enter a youtube video link into your question box along with the text, then you may add the answers/options that users respond with as normal.

      I can dig this up in the upcoming version, if you like? however to implement i would require you to have a copy of inquisitive first.
      As for integrating with K2, this would take longer and have not have the demand to do so thus far.


      • Hi Harry,

        Thanks for your reply. So what you are describing would be a youtube video for each question? Would it be possible to create a lesson type casing for the quiz that would only have one youtube video, some content, preferrably the ability to upload attachments as well (documents for download) and then have however many questions the quizmaker selects?

        For us, the questions feature is but one part of the bigger “lesson” setup, so I’m not sure if you’d be willing/able to move towards that with your next update?
        Also, what do you think the timeline of such development would be?
        Purchasing a copy would not be an issue, as long as the software would fit our needs.

        Thanks for your time,

        • Thanks Sebastian for clearing that up. You should be using the Joomla CMS as much as possible to handle documents for download and embedding videos. that way you can create the lesson plan exactly how you like then simply add a button at the end of the subject/article to open the quiz. So you would have:

          Category as the subject
          Article as the lesson
          The Article will have the content to be learned by the student and a link embedded to the quiz.
          It does not make sense for inquisitive to do the job of Joomla.


  2. I have a client who wants to have a quiz on their site, but more along the lines of what HubSpot has done with their Website Grader ( The idea is, rather than a result of “You answered 9 correctly out of 10″ sort of thing, deepending on their answers, the person completing the form/quiz is given a number of recommendations of things they can do or change to better their current score/situation.

    So the result will not be a matter of the number right or wrong, but recommendations on how to improve any areas where they score poorly. Is this possible?

    • I have added this as a requested feature

  3. Hi guys,

    im trying to create a questionnaire/quiz, i need it to have the ability to choose multiple answers to a question and i need the outcome to show in a bar chart,

    can this happen,


    • I have added this as a requested feature, at the moment only quiz creator can see this.

  4. I would love the component to have the capability of generating certificates on completion of course.

    • It’s on the todo list. PDF downloadable certificates, that you can edit the template using jasper reports.

  5. I want to be able to show the user his answer, then add up his answers (each radio button provides a number) and then let the user know the total and what that means (show a range).

  6. When I test a quiz and submit it, I get You don’t have permission to access /component/inquisitive/take/sitquiz/1394124181/index.php

    • It’s in the user guide

  7. interessato al vostro software per quiz e indagini

  8. not making any money myself…so cannot donate :( pls remind me in 3 months?

  9. muy bueno el modulo de encuestas y calificacion inmediata

  10. I want to create web to teach and having many quiz I looking and found by searching. T think it will make my WBI more interesting

  11. It very best module

  12. very good module

  13. for educational website

  14. thanks for all these

  15. looking for a simple and easy quizmaker to evaluate student’s progress

    • This is it

  16. Quiero provar este producto

  17. hello, i just wanted to ask you how do i implement particular quiz into website?

    i made quiz on inquisitive site, but it seems you cannot “call” specific quiz to show up on website..?

    and since our web doesn’t have login function i don’t know how to make quiz there and enable it for people..

    • ok i managed to start making quiz on our site, my mistake to think i can make it here and then just call by ID or something..

      but now there is other problem – when i click “next question” it just accepts as if i clicked SUBMIT.. next question has the following number but it’s totally different quiz…

      by seen it seems it still as bugs so gl in finishing whole app but for now in this small testing it seems it’s still in beta

      • User error

  18. I just downloaded and installed your Inquisitive Component. All I get is a message that says I need to set permissions. Permissions are set for Super User to allowed, and I still cannot see anything…
    Your Documentation could perhaps include a more specific list of setup instructions?
    Maybe if you treat everyone who reads it as if they have never used your extension before, it would make using it easier. I will hold out for a week or so for better documentation, then I will use ARI Quiz Lite. Please, give me an option here.

    Thank you!

    By the way, I DO appreciate that you have done a lot of work to build your extension. I think you have to remember that development needs to be documented well too. I am a very experienced Joomla user, and have made 100′s of sites for myself and my clients. I have never seen this kind of difficulty before. Well, I have, but I have not used the extensions, and most of those developers are gone from the Joomla developer community now…

    I hope you can get this resolved. Perhaps a little video showing setup requirements? If you need help, I’d be glad to help you do any of the documentation. My strong suit is support, and solutions. Let me know…

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